ctv news - demo reel

Reporters live on location, in studio, and various news stories filmed for CTV News Ottawa, CTV News Channel and CTV National.

live on location

Filmed live on location for CTV News Ottawa, CTV News Channel and CTV National.

CTV Profile: GRAPHIC ARTIST / joey lavergne

(Created for recreational purposes only)

Eastlink tv - demo reel

timmins, ontario

Includes various stories on location, live sports, studio productions, hometown stories and interviews filmed for Eastlink Community TV.

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Eastlink COmmunity TV

Fish On!

Paul Ethier is a professional angler from Timmins, Ontario and host of the Eastlink Community TV show Fish On! Paul hopes use his show to reach out to a larger audience by promoting the fishing lifestyle in Northern Ontario. 

Fish On! / TV Commercial

Fish On! / Promo Video

2018 Geraldton Walleye Tournament Preview

Episode 13 Promo

Night Hawk LAke

Rock on the river Festival

Timmins, Ontario

multi-cam edit with a single camera

(Ottawa Bluesfest filming restrictions: 30 seconds)

colour correction

videos with script writing

Business Profile - DJB Mining

instructional - digital sensors

documentary - escape from infamy

Based on a true story

northern Ontario provincial curling tournament

2018 college demo reel

News assignment - winterlude

Algonquin profile - david fairbanks

sports profile - gareth luke

eastlink community tv

hometown stories

music videos

I wrote and recorded my original song called "I Wanna Be A Barenaked Lady" shortly after Steven Page left the band in February 2009.  Years later, I had the opportunity to create a music video  for a school assignment and I had the perfect song. ​The song tells the story of an enthusiastic fan who follows the early beginnings of the Barenaked Ladies and starts a quest to join the the band by writing a song.

Song Credits: 

Aaron Reid - Vocals, guitar, percussion, mixing, editing.

Ron Christian - Piano, bass, audio recording and mixing.

Tyler Stewart of the Barenaked Ladies had this to say: 

I wanna be a barenaked lady

In 2014, I went to a show that featured local musician Paul Johanis. He had just started a series of concerts celebrating the 50th anniversary of the original release date of every Beatles album. I approached him after the show and joined the band for the next show which was A Hard Day's Night. After the series was completed in 2019, I asked him if he would be interested in filming a documentary to make use all the live footage that was collected over the years. And of course, he agreed.

Extra footage was collected under Fair Use in Canada for the purpose of a documentary.

dec 2016 / little mermaid

may 2017 / sister act

Dec 2017 / Annie


Suzart: Our History

eastlink TV - promo videos

Home Ice with Andrew Autio

tap out talk with alex brooks

Play science 

with antoine garwah and loraine cantin

eastlink community tv 

community science segment

Play Science: The idea was to showcase how people use science in everyday work environments and I used our television studio for the pilot episode.