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 the john franken story

Based on a true story

At a retirement home in Ottawa, a man came up to me and introduced himself by showing me his business card. "John Franken Ex-POW, Nagasaki Survivor". I looked down at his card and I asked him how it was possible that he survived Nagasaki. ​The story I heard that day was unbelievable.

Years later I had the opportunity to create a documentary and I approached his family for permission to interview him and tell his story. ​I made arrangements​ to interview him through his daughter but his dementia had deteriorated to a point where he couldn't remember his story. 

Luckily, The Memory Project, Historica Canada had a recording of him telling his story and I was able to use that as a voice over while using sound effects  creating a multi-track recording and added royalty free images from the second world war and new footage shot at the National War Museum to bring his story to life.

The finished audio mix down from the video can be found below.​​

Sadly, he died 3 months after the completion of this project. He was 93 years old.

home recordings

These cover songs were recorded in my home studio using Adobe Audition. 


All songs below composed and recorded by Aaron Reid

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