fish on! - The Podcast

Paul Ethier and Aaron Reid

​The main objective of FishON! is to get people of all ages excited about fishing and out on the water participating in the sport. The angling industry is on the rise, and FishON! has enjoyed increased success with viewers across the country tuning in to watch the show. We are excited about our success to date, and have visions of expanding FishON!, including an increased number of episodes per season, increased viewership and additional and unique program locations and special topics.

Eastlink Producer Aaron Reid, started filming Fish ON! episodes for the start of season two and together with Paul, filmed multiple episodes of Fish ON! before moving to Ottawa in July 2019. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic in April 2020, they decided to take advantage of their "Stay at Home" situation and different locations to venture into the podcast world and share Paul's love of fishing by creating Fish ON! - The Podcast.