Aaron Reid



iNews, Avid Media Composer, Ross Overdrive, Dejero, Velocity ESX, Premiere Pro, Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office, Aputure, Sony PMW-400, Canon C100, Canon 5D, Nikon D3, GoPro


Available for freelance opportunities.



Standing Ovation Award 

Leadership Competency

Aaron - I would like to thank you for the hard work and dedication you put in on a daily basis. We always get such great feedback from your colleagues about working with you. You are a true team player - always working hard, going above and beyond and with no complaints.​ 

Thank you for everything you do for our team here at Bell Media Ottawa.

Peter Angione 

Director, News & Information

CTV News Ottawa 

Game Changer Award

“Such a good job covering the convoy this weekend and rolling with the ongoing changes throughout the day, and keeping CTV, CP24 & CTV News Channel up to speed with coverage all weekend. Appreciate all of your hard work!“

Ziyada Callender

News Operations Manager CTV News Ottawa 

CTV Weekly Acknowledgements

(OCTOBER 2020)

​This is a shout out to Aaron Reid on the exclusive “push back” story tonight. It was a long edit with a tight turnaround. I was in the suite pressuring him during what was already a stressful situation … and while it wasn’t a perfect edit … my main goal was to meet deadline on a jam-packed story such as this and not miss it’s slot. We cleaned it up for late. Sometimes that matters more than perfection. So kudos and thank you to Aaron.


Stefan Keyes 

CTV News Ottawa Anchor 


Big shout out to Aaron Reid who has been going above and beyond to make our live shots look as good as possible. He cares so much about his work, and it shows! I’d encourage anyone who hasn’t seen one of his recent live shots to check them out. Always a pleasure working with Aaron.

Jeremie Charron

CTV News Ottawa Reporter 


A big shout out to Aaron Reid and Leah Larocque. On his way into work, Aaron saw Mark Sutcliffe and Catherine McKenney sharing a Beavertail while walking in the Market. He relayed that info to Leah as soon as he got in and the two of them went sprinting (literally!) back out to the Market to try to find them. They missed them actually eating the Beavertail, but got a clip and we were the first to have it online (ahead of Sutcliffe himself). Great hustle!

Matt Skube CTV News Ottawa Anchor

Eastlink Community TV

Timmins, Ontario

Aaron is extremely knowledgeable about all of the aspects of television production. On production he worked in every role and I am more than comfortable saying he can handle everything that is needed to create a TV show. 

Regardless of his role, he did everything necessary to get the best possible product to air. He is extremely good at troubleshooting problems that arise, big and small. His knowledge of technical setups makes him very good at using logic and problem-solving to find solutions that others would miss.

Neil White


Eastlink Community Television 

CBC News Toronto

When I asked you to get a few snaps for our CBC online web services I had no idea you'd be able to get so many shots. Nice composition on that low angle two shot. You captured some great reactions and with such discretion our guest was not distracted in the least. 

Jessica Chastain - The Zookeeper's Wife - TIFF Festival 

​We often forget to capture stills for our online beast so we were fortunate to have an actual stills shooter on set with us today. Thanks for documenting our shoot Aaron. Well done!

Christopher Gargus

Director of Photography

Gargusvision Inc 

OCAD University - Continuing Studies

Professor Feedback for Assignment #4

“This is exceptional work. The short focal lengths in the close-up shots is beautiful. The continuity between shots is phenomenal along with the range of shots you gained as coverage. Sound is fantastic, especially with the subtle walla naturally integrated into the sewing room scene. Two camera set up and editing is super. So much great stuff here Aaron. You are a pro.” 

- Otino Corsano

OCAD University Instructor